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A Placerville dental clinic typically consists of specialists who are on rotation. It differs from an office in this respect, in that offices normally have just one or two doctors who work there every day. Placerville Dentistry may fall somewhere in between, as you will indeed find the specialists here that you need. At the same time, feel the “at-home family” atmosphere that makes so many offices more comfortable to visit.

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Will Placerville Dentistry be Able to Get me in Right Away?

Yes, we will be able to get you in right away. We realize that dental emergencies do not always happen during normal business hours, and because of this, we offer appointments throughout the week.

What should I expect at my First Appointment?

At your first appointment, our team of specialists will look at your medical history and perform a comprehensive examination. After this, they will provide you with a treatment plan that best suits your needs. None of it is painful, and our courteous and efficient staff will be right there to answer questions every step of the way.

I’m Afraid of Needles; Will I Need to get a Shot?

While some treatments require shots, we make every effort to avoid them when possible. Many of our treatments can be performed without the need for one at all. If you are afraid of needles, please let us know, and we will be sure to do whatever we can to ease your fears and anxieties.

What types of conditions will Placerville Dentistry treat?

Placerville Dentistry specializes in several dental procedures, including preventative care, restorative care, implants, and cosmetic care.

Will I be in Pain Immediately Following my Treatment?

After your procedure, you should not experience any immediate discomfort. However, you may have some mild soreness after leaving our office, for which you can take over-the-counter medication to ease.

When you walk into Placerville Dentistry, you’ll be surrounded by comforting scents, a friendly staff, and up-to-date technology. You’ll feel like you’re part of the family in no time, and we’ll be able to take care of all of your dental needs. We make no harsh judgments here, lecture people, or put them down. Those are simply not the things that good doctors do. Good doctors help their patients get well again. Welcome to Placerville Dentistry. Book an appointment with us today.

You can reach us at (530) 317-0378.

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